SiteExplorer 1.0-b3
Draft Indicator now updates correctly    2018-07-08

SiteExplorer 1.0-b3 is here and solves a the issue of not updating the indicator icon status when publishing a page draft. Get version 1.0-b3 here.

makeFullWith CSS class and Firefox Quantum
used in SliderFactory and OnePageToolkit    2017-12-02

Firefox Quantum (ver 57+) will not understand the former working css hack body:last-child anymore. Since the hack was for Internet Explorer <= 8, we can simply remove it nowadays. In order to make the class work in FF again, change any occurence ... Read More

Typesetter 5.1 is here!

We got a fresh new release: Get Typesetter 5.1 from If you're updating from an earlier version and have one of the following plugins installed, don’t forget to uninstall them. Section Clipboard Section Visibility Highlight ... Read More

Typesetter 5.1
Beta 2 ready for testing    2017-07-29

Typesetter 5.1 almost ready. Feedback wanted. More details in the Typesetter Beta Forum (

Parallax Image 1.1b5
2 Small fixes/changes    2017-05-16

Just a small update, see /Parallax_Image

Critical security issue. Update PHPmailer!
Like many other CMS, Typesetter is affected too    2016-12-29

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in PHPmailer, a thirdparty component used by Typesetter CMS. The current version 5.2.14 which is implemented in Typesetter CMS should be updated IMMEDIATELY to 5.2.21   HowTo: Download PHPmailer's ... Read More

Plugin Project 'Custom Sections'
Alex and me joining forces    2016-11-29

Alex/a2exfr (, and me recently started a very promising new project to meet the demands to easily build rich structurized content sections. Building custom section types is one of the more complex tasks when coding Typesetter ... Read More

Ken Burns effect for Slider Factory
only by adding some additional CSS    2016-11-18

Following a request by SHan in the plugin’s Support Forum, here is a tutorial how to add the so-called “Ken Burns effect” to Slider Factory slideshows. 

OnePageToolkit 1.0b2
slowly evolving ;)    2016-10-12

Version 1.0b2 is available with a few small fixes. The soft scrolling function will now only intercept clicks on links targeting the plugin’s own anchor sections, thus preventing possible conflicts with other plugins/scripts that use anchors ... Read More

YouTube Embed
New plugin for beta testing    2016-08-16

YouTube Embed provides a new section type to embed YouTube videos on your website. It supports responsive or fixed scaling and individual setting of all current YouTube Iframe player parameters. More information and download here.

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My Typesetter CMS Addon Showcase and Demo Page

The main purpose of this website is to provide some demos of my addons, so you can see them in action, which is not possible on

You may also check some of my Work-In-Progress versions here. There may also follow more tutorials in the future, but please be patient.

Of course, the main source of all of my released addons will remain But don’t hesitate to drop in here once in a while!

Currently I have quite a lot of work-in-progress addons listed here. Actually they're way too many. All of them are used and evaluated in at least one project, and – thanks to you – also tested by folks who dare to use early versions.  Some already work quite reliably, others still have issues in different situations and need to be improved. So I have to apologize and hope to get at least some of them in a production-ready state to be released on soon. Stay tuned and thanks for your feedback! –J├╝rgen