Plugin Project 'Custom Sections'

Alex and me joining forces    2016-11-29


Alex/a2exfr (, and me recently started a very promising new project to meet the demands to easily build rich structurized content sections. Building custom section types is one of the more complex tasks when coding Typesetter plugins, especially the editor component can be tricky and time-consuming. With this plugin, things will become way easier.

The plugin implements not only Alex‘s slick AJAX updating mechanism but also our so-called ‘universal editor’ which comes with lots of predefined input types to control section content.

New ’Custom Sections’ will be defined using consistent patterns, hopefully easily comprehensible and usable for a broad range of develpoers and designers.
If everything goes well, we believe this will be a real killer-app, and I'm looking forward to use it in upcoming projects and see it in action around the globe.

Folow us on GitHub, star us, fork and contribute if you dare ;)


Our current demo section type ‘Shop Item’.
With moderate HTML and CSS skills, such a section type can be created in about 15-20 minutes.
No PHP or JS/jQuery skills are required!

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