YouTube Embed

New plugin for beta testing    2016-08-16
YouTube Embed provides a new section type to embed YouTube videos on your website. It supports responsive or fixed scaling and individual setting of all current YouTube Iframe player parameters. More information and download here.
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Auto Hide Editor

Admin UI addon for smaller screens and/or full-width themes    2016-07-19
This small addon changes Typesetter’s (ver. 5+) editor panel behavior. It disables the movement of the page to the left and auto-hides/auto-shows the editor panel upon mouse hover, much like MS Windows’ auto-hide taskbar feature. Get it here.
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Some new plugins…

3 deriving from current projects    2016-05-16
See Work In Progress menu:  Page Loader 1.0b1 (Gadget)  Hero Images (Gadgets, no to download yet)  Simple Image 1.0a1 (Section Type)
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First beta available for testing    2016-03-27
The early version 1.0b1 is here. OnePageToolkit extends Typesetter’s Section Management with some essential components that make building one-pagers not only possible but pretty easy. Check it out. Demo, download and description here.
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Slider Factory 1.0 is out

Upgrade to Typesetter 5 and start building awesome Rich Content Sliders!    2016-03-17
Right in time for the release of Typesetter CMS ver. 5.0, Slider Factory is now available for Download and on-site installation from Get it while it’s hot ;-). Learn more here.
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Responsive Image 1.5 final

now available from    2016-02-27
The Responsive Image plugin is now available for download and live installation. It’s compatible with Typesetter 5 and comes with some cool new features. More infos here or simply visit the plugin page on
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Build a Fit-to-Fill Background Slideshow

… using Slider Factory and Responsive Image sections    2016-02-19
You read right – even this is possible. In this small tutorial I’ll show how to build your own Page Background Slideshow with the 2 Plugins and only some CSS tricks. In this example the slider will be part of the content, therefore only show on a single page. It could also be done site-wide using Extra Content Areas in your Layout. Do you know howto do this? I'll probably cover ... Read More
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Responsive Image 1.5 Release Candidate 2

For upcoming Typesetter ver. 5    2016-02-18
Almost done: Responsive Image 1.5 Release Candidate 2 is here with some new features and Typesetter 5 compatibility. Version 1.5 comes with custom caption overlay colorpicker (rgba),  editing the caption with CKEditor and Open in ColorBox option. Feel free to test it while it’s still hot ;-) Download from here.
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Parallax Image 1.1 beta 3 available

Ready for Typesetter 5    2016-02-16
The latest beta version of Parallax Image (1.1b3) should now work with Typesetter 5. Get it from here.
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When plugins join forces

Slider Factory and Responsive Image working together    2016-02-13
If you download and install both most recent pre-release versions of Slider Factory and Responsive Image, you will get a new Section Combo that combines features of both plugins and will add a ‘Responsive Background’ equipped Slider to your Section Selection. More about this here.
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