Typesetter 5.1 is here!

We got a fresh new release: Get Typesetter 5.1 from www.typesettercms.com/Download. If you're updating from an earlier version and have one of the following plugins installed, don’t forget to uninstall them. Section Clipboard Section Visibility Highlight Sections You won’t need them anymore and they may cause conflicts with the now implemented functionality.
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Ken Burns effect for Slider Factory

only by adding some additional CSS    2016-11-18
Following a request by SHan in the plugin’s Support Forum, here is a tutorial how to add the so-called “Ken Burns effect” to Slider Factory slideshows. 
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Slider Factory 1.0 is out

Upgrade to Typesetter 5 and start building awesome Rich Content Sliders!    2016-03-17
Right in time for the release of Typesetter CMS ver. 5.0, Slider Factory is now available for Download and on-site installation from typesettercms.com. Get it while it’s hot ;-). Learn more here.
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Responsive Image 1.5 final

now available from typesettercms.com    2016-02-27
The Responsive Image plugin is now available for download and live installation. It’s compatible with Typesetter 5 and comes with some cool new features. More infos here or simply visit the plugin page on typesettercms.com.
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