Redirect Site

Redirect Site 1.0-b1

for Typesetter CMS ver. 5.0+

Unpack the ZIP into your /addons directory and install it via
Admin Toolbox → Plugins → Manage → Available → Install

This plugin is primarily made to inform visitors that the (dev) website they’re currently visiting has already gone live on a different host. But it can also be used for other types of notifications.

If you are–like me–keeping development versions of websites online on your dev servers (e.g. for backup and testing purposes), you yourself or your clients might access them by accident instead of the live site. This especially happens when the dev site is bookmarked.

This plugin will help to prevent that by showing a modal popup box like this:



After installation, visit the plugin’s Admin Page to activate it and make your settings. The options are quite self-explanatory:




  • If in doubt, be cautious with ‘Robot Visibility → noindex,nofollow’! If enabled, search engines will not index the site anymore or remove it at next crawl time.
  • If ’Redirection Target URL’ is left empty, there will be no [ Redirection ] button in the popup but only a [ Close ] one. This way you can (ab)use the plugin for different kinds of notifications ;)
  • ‘Remember Decision (via cookie)’ will set a cookie to subsequently auto-redirect or simply prevent the popup. The cookie will expire after the given period. In case you locked yourself out of your site by cookie-triggered auto-redirection, simply delete it and the popup will come back again.
  • Caption, Message and Notes fields may be empty. They don’t have special purposes except their different output positions and formatting.
  • … and finally: No, you can’t upload and select a custom image/icon unless you replace one of them in the plugin folder or hack the plugin code.


For questions, bug reports, feature requests and general discussion please post to the Typesetter Plugin Forum.

Thanks for testing and stay tuned!