Responsive Image

Image sections created with this content type adapt to the grid and will cover the given section size. But instead of simply centering the image, this plugin’s section editor lets you set a ‘focuspoint’ in the image to keep this area always visible, regardless of the final presentation dimensions and aspect ratio. See the effect below. It’s always the same image with the focuspoint set on the frog’s head. Change the width of the browser window to see how it works with the responsive grid.

Get current stable

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Responsive Image 1.5 introduces a new Section Type called Responsive Background. This is merely a Responsive Image section but with different default settings so it can be used easily as a background for other content elements together inside a wrapper. This Section Type will be used in Slider Factory’s Responsive Background Slider Combo, if both plugins are installed.


This plugin incorporates Jonathon Menz’s great jQuery.focuspoint script. Photo by morguefile/Sgarton.