This plugin is obsolete as of Typesetter 5.1-b2!

Typesetter 5.1 will have the Section Clipboard built-in, and … drumroll … tadaa: it will work with all section types, allows relabeling and drag'n'drop sorting. Please uninstall this plugin before you upgrade to Typesetter 5.1.

Download Typesetter current master from GitHub.
Other new features in 5.1


Section Clipboard

Alpha Download

Section Clipboard 1.0a1

for Typesetter CMS ver. 5.0 to 5.0.3

Unpack the ZIP into your /addons directory and install it via
Admin Toolbox → Plugins → Manage → Available → Install

Currently in Typesetter CMS, copying content from one page to another can be painful, especially if you want to copy whole nested section structures or special plugin sections that don’t have an editable source code. Section Clipboard adresses this and even more.






After installation you will find 2 new elements in the editor panel when you are in “Page” mode

  • Every item in the section managment list will have an additional ‌‌‌‌‌ Copy to Clipboard icon when you hover it. Clicking it will copy the respective section, or—in case of a wrapper section—the whole nested structure to the Clipboard panel.
  • Between the section list and the “Add”-area there is the new “Section Clipboard” panel, which holds copied items. Initially you will find a single demo item in here. Just click it—the demo content will be appended to your current page, pretty much like clicking an item in the “Add“ panel. The Section Clipboard panel may hold multiple items. They are accessible to all admin users and can be added to any regular content page. Clipboard items will remain in place until you delete them by clicking the ‌‌‌‌ Remove Item icon.
  • Once an item is copied, it will be independent from it’s original source, hence the latter can be safely modified or even deleted without affecting the clipboard copy. Given that, Section Clipboard can also be used to build a set of custom templates for subsequent use.


Known Issues

  • Currently, as of version 1.0a1, clipboard items cannot be relabeled once created, so please set the label text and color label before you copy. Items will appear in a reverse chronological order by creation date, meaning the newest is on top. Items cannot be re-ordered yet.
  • For now, the plugin does kind of hackish reverse engineering sections structures and meta data from existing content. That’s far from ideal. Such as the “original source“ of core image sections, some meta data will be lost this way. Most likely, other plugin section types—all which rely on meta data not stored inside the content—will be affected, too. I will hopefully be able to improve this in further development. Currently only a few section types are tested.

For questions, bug reports, feature requests and general discussion please post to the Typesetter Plugin Forum.

Thanks for testing and stay tuned!