This plugin is obsolete as of Typesetter 5.1-b2!

Typesetter 5.1 will have Section Visibility on board. Please uninstall this plugin before you upgrade to Typesetter 5.1.

Download Typesetter current master from GitHub.
Other new features in 5.1


Section Visibility


Section Visibility 0.2a

for Typesetter CMS ver. 5.0 to 5.0.3

Unpack the ZIP into your /addons directory and install it via
Admin Toolbox → Plugins → Manage → Available → Install

After installing this plugin you can toggle the visibility of any regular content section and whole wrapper structures using  the new eye icon in the section manager list items. Hidden sections appear with a gray dashed background there and will not be displayed in the content.

Screenshot with editor UI:



  • Sections inside wrappers inherit the hidden status, meaning you cannot have visible sections inside hidden wrappers.
    I believe this is what one would expect.
  • Hidden sections cannot be edited–for obvious reasons since we do editing in-page. Same applies to all nested sections inside a hidden wrapper. If you want to edit a hidden section or it's wrapped descendants, you need to temporarily unhide it.
  • You may actually hide all sections which leads to an empty page. Possible? Yes. Clever? Well, rather not.
  • If sections inside wrappers were hidden before when their wrapper becomes hidden, they maintain their hidden status after switching the warpper back to visible, or when they get dragged out of it.
  • Although switching visibility of sections inside hidden wrappers would be possible in principlpe, I disabled it because it would be quite misleading.
  • When you're logged-in, sections are only hidden using CSS–in contrast to when you're logged off.
    Regular visitors cannot see hidden sections (e.g. by viewing the source code).
  • If you decide to uininstall the plugin while you still have hidden sections, everything hidden will become visible again.
    After re-installation, the former hidden status will be restored. So your content will not be harmed.


Known Issues

  • If debugging is enabled ( define('gpdebug', true); in /gpconfig.php ) and you are using HTML5 element tags like <aside>, <header>, etc.  or other officially invalid elements in HTML 4.1,  like <wbr>, you will see a warning message when you’re logged off. PHP’s DOM Extension used by the plugin is not yet HTML5 ready. Current solution is so turn debugging off.
  • Hiding sections inside a SliderFactory wrapper will certainly cause unwanted results, at least as long as you're logged-in.
    I will address this in a later version. For the time being, if you want to hide a slide section, better drag it out of the SliderFactory wrapper.


Planned features

  • Timed visibility – with start date, end date or both. Recurring? Hmm, maybe.
  • Visibility: Private – visible for logged-in users similar to Typesetters native page visibility.


For questions, bug reports, feature requests and general discussion please post to the Typesetter Plugin Forum.

Thanks for testing and stay tuned!