Site Explorer

Beta Download

Site Explorer 1.0-b3

for Typesetter CMS ver. 5 and newer

Unpack the ZIP into your /addons directory and install it via
Admin Toolbox → Plugins → Manage → Available → Install

Click the new icon in the Admin topbar to open Site Explorer which shows quite a comprehensive overview of your website content. The icon also indicates if there is any unpublished content site-wide.




  • While it looks a bit like Page Manager, Site Explorer’s purpose is different. It only collects, shows and links information about your website’s content. So, you can't actually do anything in Site Explorer. It's all about quickly showing information in a compact form without the need to zap through several other sources.
  • The table is sortable by clicking on the column headers, e.g. to view content by type, users, modification date, layout, etc.


Known Issues

  • Solved with 1.0-b3: Currently, as of version 1.0b2, when you click "Publish Draft", Site Explorer's topbar icon will still indicate unpublished content until you reload the page.


For questions, bug reports, feature requests and general discussion please post to the Typesetter Plugin Forum.

Thanks for testing and stay tuned!