Some small utilities

Installation (as always):

  1. download the ZIP
  2. extrackt the folder and copy it to your [Typesetter installation root]/addons directory.
  3. install the addon via Admin Toolbox → Plugins → Manage → Available → [Addon Name] → Install


Show All Anchors

As requested by Peter, this micro-addon will toggle CKEditor-like highlighting of all anchors (<a> elements with id and/or name attributes) on the current page by clicking the new  button in the Admin Top Bar.

Ver. 1.1: Compatibility update for Typesetter 5.2. Now also on GitHub

For Typesetter 5.0+

get Show All Anchors 1.1

Bootstrap Hover Menu

Makes top level (parent) pages clickable and show/hide dropdown menus on hover. Transforms the caret () to be slightly larger and separated and makes is act as a dropdown menu trigger on touch devices.

For Bootswatch themes or themes using the Bootstrap navigation only. 
For gpEasy 4.3 and newer and any Typesetter CMS version.

get Bootstrap Hover Menu 1.0


Note: This plugin is a dirty JavaScript/jQuery solution. The same behavior can be achieved much more elegant at output level via small changes to the BootstrapMenu() function in [theme_dir]/drop_down_menu.php, and some additional CSS.

Obsolete as of Typesetter 5.1-b2: Highlight Sections

Admin UI addon. Highlights the corresponding sections in Section Manager with a red outline when hovering content sections.

 For Typesetter CMS 5.0 to 5.0.3. Please uninstall before upgrading to 5.1.

get Highlight Sections 1.0

Multilevel Bootstrap Navigation

This addon enables 3+ level navigation for Bootswatch Themes.
Install the plugin, then edit your main menu ⇒ switch Menu Output from Top Two Level Links to All Links. Done.

 For gpEasy 4.3+ and Typesetter CMS.

get Multilevel Bootstrap Navigation 1.0


Note:  As of Typesetter 5.1-b2, we have additional possibilities to customize menu output, which should be used instead of this plugin. See this forum post.